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Happy Pancake Day!

February 17, 2015  by Ben  |  Blog


Pakistan Zindabad!

February 13, 2015  by Ben  |  Blog

The cricket world cup is fast approaching and I’m in Pakistan. How is this not gong to be awesome! Here’s a little illustration of mine in support of Team Pakistan!

Islay Whisky Map

January 22, 2015  by Ben  |  Blog



Personal project: Whisky distillery map of Islay.

Merry Christmas!

December 24, 2014  by Ben  |  Blog


Winter ride

December 22, 2014  by Ben  |  Blog

To the cyclists – It’s at this time of year that the road cycling world really slows down. Less races, unless Cyclocross is your thing (and it should be!) Long, cold rides on icy roads. Getting the miles in through rain ,snow and everything in between. Salt getting into all the expensive bits of your bike grinding them away to dust. I miss it.

This year for the second year running I’m in Pakistan. The winters here In Islamabad aren’t particularly harsh. the rainy season has past, crisp fresh sunshine filled days await.

Anyway this illustration is my ‘rose tinted’ view of cycling back home over winter.

Remember. Enjoy! Appreciate the darkest moments, the pain, the suffering, that’s what’s going to make this summer your best season yet!


Design A Buff!

December 11, 2014  by Ben  |  Blog

I was recently commissioned by the wonderfully enthusiastic adventurer, Mr Paul Everitt to help design a Buff* to promote his upcoming trip. Rafting the Danube.

*The Buff is a multifunctional headwear performance product as well as being a versatile garment it can be worn in a number of different configurations to provide a high level of comfort, protection and style during outdoor and recreational activities.


Night Of The Pumpkin Mashers!

October 31, 2014  by Ben  |  Blog

Personal project combining my love of Cyclocross racing and Halloween and the fun and unique events that combine the two!



Cycling To Murree, Pakistan

October 15, 2014  by Ben  |  Blog

A personal piece inspired by my weekend ride from Islamabad to Murree. Hope to get back up there soon.



Happy Halloween!

October 12, 2014  by Ben  |  Blog

A couple of pieces inspired the works of John Wyndam. ‘The Midwich Cuckoos’ and ‘The Day Of The Triffids’ Happy Halloween!


Triffid-flat-v-small midwich-flat-v-small

Islamabad Security

August 27, 2014  by Ben  |  Blog

A selection of characters based on the various security factions in Islamabad, Pakistan.




August 22, 2014  by Ben  |  Blog

A bit of fan art for this week’s @sketch_dailies


Space Pirates!

August 21, 2014  by Ben  |  Blog


R.I.P H.R Giger

May 15, 2014  by Ben  |  Blog

A little homage to the late great H.R. Giger.



Nesta: Innovators

May 5, 2014  by Ben  |  Blog

I was recently commissioned by Nesta UK to produce a series of characters for their “Which Innovator Are You?” Quiz on their website. Check it out here


Airline 1.0

April 30, 2014  by Ben  |  Blog



in other news I now own a small airline operating out of a fictional Middle Eastern location (on Paper)

The Barbershop Series #1: Pakistan

April 3, 2014  by Ben  |  Blog

A selection of characters inspired by the numerous fantastic styles of hair and beard in Pakistan. All characters are based on real people I have met. Mainy to avoid stereotype and to highlight the fascinating diversity of the country. Pakistan Zindabad!





Cycling In Pakistan

January 8, 2014  by Ben  |  Blog

A little something I wrote that was published in my Cycling Club Magazine

Warning this post contains more words than pictures!


Islamabad-Muree ride October 2013.

5am alarm, call to prayer drifts in through the window, gulp down porridge, hop on bike, out the door, avoid the local pack of wild dogs lusting after my cycling shoes, pedal through the checkpoint chicanes, nod at the policemen with the magnificent facial topiary. Navigate the deserted zero point intersection. 

Haroon, A local roadie is waiting by the side of the Kashmir Highway with his brilliant blue steed. We ride together out of Islamabad, northeast through the sleeping streets of Bhara Kahu reaching the gateway to the mountains in about 45 minutes.

Here standing by the expressway toll plaza are Kazim and Ziyab two more local skinny tyre fanatics I’ve met through a local cycling group. The usual amount of pre-ride faffing ensues as is customary with all groups of cyclists but with final checks completed, tyres pumped up and last minute wardrobe alterations made we’re on our way.

Today’s destination is the hill station of Murree. Once a regional summer capital of the British Raj now a bustling tourist destination perched precariously atop a ridge looking back down towards the plains of Punjab on one side and up to the mountains of Kashmir on the other.

Initially there’s not much doing. The morning mist obscures the blue pine peaks ahead. Roadside stalls selling everything from Pepsi to life size fibreglass dinosaurs dot the road intermittently. It’s not long though until out of the murk we spot the dark shadows of leviathans. The foothills of the Himalayas. The image alone creates the feeling of great adventure. Maybe I should have bought more bananas!

Almost in reaction to this sight the road rears up. Our pedals rotations slow, struggling to find a rhythm. I spin away at high cadence trying to remember all those Cycling Weekly articles about how to go up the lumpy stuff. The gradient isn’t that steep just a monotonous drag that slowly turns your legs to jelly. Kazim proves that raw power is also a viable technique as he churns away in the big ring.

There’s a gorge on our left, small farmsteads nestle in the awakening valley floor. We rise, passing Heaven (aptly named rest stop) with its white robbed men beckoning us in for a hearty Pakistani breakfast. Further up in the clouds a slogan painted on the side of the road reads ‘Trees cool the breeze’ and sure enough the air here is definitely chilled. Pine fresh.

The kilometers tick by slowly, not that I mind, I’m enjoying every minute. At one point a group of kids from a small hillside village run alongside us in there brightly patterned Shalwar kameezes, giggling and high fiving but not seeming to understand my breathless requests for a push!

The Murree expressway in its entirety is a smooth two-lane highway, at this time of day it’s almost deserted. The odd car passes us sometimes letting out a loud blast of the horn just as it comes alongside, providing a useful if not entirely consensual adrenaline burst.

We reach the outskirts of Murree in good time. A leaking water main celebrates our accomplishment showering is in a fine spray. Kazim is still on the big plate. Chapeau! Catching our breath we discuss following the road further, to Muzafferabad? Kashmir? China? It feels like a great adventure has just begun. Although rumbling stomachs snap us back into reality and we head back down the hill. In search of sustenance.

The descent is immense we fly the 30k back to the foot of the climb flat out, the road is still quiet and we can carve perfect lines through the alpine bends bunny hopping speed bumps overtaking motorbikes and buses crammed with workers heading to the city.

The final slog back into Islamabad is tough it’s hot down here, no mountain top freshness. Bhara Kahu is back to its busy self, cars, trucks, donkeys, goats, cattle, motorcycles, and pedestrians all vying for the same small strip of tarmac. A stark contrast that has me pining for my mountaintop sanctuary.

Back in Islamabad sitting outside a neighborhood cafe drinking coffee and tucking into a well-earned breakfast we discuss the next ride. Inspired by the foothills we set our sights higher towards snow-capped peaks.

Happy Halloween 2013 ‘Zomstrong’

October 31, 2013  by Ben  |  Blog

Wow it’s been a while since my last post! Been really busy, loads of new work on it’s way. Stay tuned! Here’s a little something in the meantime for Halloween.


Nathia Gali, Pakistan

July 5, 2013  by Ben  |  Blog

A couple of weeks ago we escaped the intense heat of Islamabad and headed for the hills. After a couple of hours driving we arrived at the old hill station of Nathia Gali. Hugging the mountain side, nestled amongst the pine and walnut trees it’s a truly fantastic spot that I hope to visit again very soon.

nathia gali small


May 29, 2013  by Ben  |  Blog, Characters, Home

I was recently commissioned by Clarity to produce a series of illustrations based around a couple of characters ‘Bob and Helen’ for an internal communications animation for Homebase. The characters have been used across as series of staff training initiatives.